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We understand that managing your finances, insurances and mortgage can be challenging, and that’s why we regularly share our knowledge to help get your started on your financial planning journey.
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How Do Banks Set Their Mortgage Rates?

The media often talks about predicted OCR rises (and there have certainly been a few recently) – followed quickly by discussion of mortgage rate increases. We thought it would be useful to explain how the...

Are you financially fit?

Money is weird. After all, it’s everywhere.  It determines so much of what we do, where we live, how we spend our days.  It flows in and out of our lives – sometimes in a...

The Value of a Financial Adviser

The value of financial advice can be hard to quantify and sometimes it isn’t just about doing the right thing, it’s about avoiding doing the wrong thing. Castle Trust financial adviser Glyn Lewis-Jones says it’s...

But isn’t the Government my Safety Net?

Recently we had a client who said, “I don’t need income or mortgage protection because Work and Income will cover me.” Do you need personal insurance or will the government help? New Zealanders are fortunate...

Don’t rest on your KiwiSaver laurels

Here’s a fun fact. A laurel is a particular evergreen tree with small yellow flowers and black berries. Ancient Romans and Greeks would use its leaves to fashion crowns that were worn to represent victory. ...

Doors reopening for first home buyers

The garden gates have been firmly padlocked, and with every passing year, another deadbolt may as well have been installed on the front door. For a long time, first-home buyers have been increasingly locked out...

A Healthy Head Start

The time to start training for the marathon is not when you’re standing on the start line.  The time to start saving for a house deposit is not when you’re at an auction for your...


80% of women rate their financial wellbeing as moderate to very low, which is why we’re joining #ItStartsWithAction to encourage women to take a step toward improving their financial wellbeing. Two different research reports have...

Don’t compare apples to pears

People often start thinking about life and income insurance when they buy their first home. When you buy insurance from your bank’s metaphorical fruit bowl, it’s worth noting what’s in the bowl to begin with. When...

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