Investing for the future

Planning and diversifying are the key to reaching your financial goals.

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Have clear goals for your investments

Identifying your investing goals and selecting the right tool to do the job is crucial - whether you’re saving for retirement, a first home purchase, or an investment for your children. Knowing why you’re investing, helps determine what the right choice of investments are for you.

We advise on both investment funds and KiwiSaver and make sure these fit together to give you the best mix of investments to meet your needs. 

Investing to match your timeframe

Your investments should be chosen to match your time frame. The longer your investment timeframe, the easier it is to weather the ups and downs of the market and achieve long term growth.

Lower-risk investments like bank deposits or bonds are less likely to suddenly fall in value than higher-risk investments like shares. But if you can tolerate higher risk, there is a better chance of achieving greater returns in the long run with shares.
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Choosing the right type of investment funds

The key to sensible investment is to divide up your money based on when you expect to spend it, then spread and store it in the type of investment most suited to your spending timetable. Short term investment goals and long term investment goals are invested differently. 
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The way to reduce risk is to spread your money between different types of investments

Diversifying doesn’t mean lots of term deposits with different banks. Diversifying means different types of investments, in different countries, in different industries, in different currencies, etc.

Diversifying means literally thousands of different investments across a whole range of categories each of which are exposed to differing risks to minimise the chances of too much of your capital being affected by any one risk.

Choice of funds

We use low cost, widely diversified investment funds, just like KiwiSaver but without the KiwiSaver restrictions. Your investments are not locked in – you can access them whenever you need. 

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing enables investors to align their personal values with their money. We believe every investor should have the choice to invest sustainably. 

Our sustainable investing strategies balance our core investment philosophy with environmental and social responsibility objectives, along with sound governance.

No minimums

There are no minimum amounts required, or minimum ongoing contributions. 

You will receive comprehensive regular performance, valuation and tax reporting, with access to view your portfolio online at any time.

"I was always going to sort out a savings plan for retirement , but one of those one day I must do projects!"

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