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Manage your money well with advice that gives you freedom to invest and spend sensibly.

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Personalised Spending and Investing Plans

We give our clients personal ‘Spending & Investing Plans’ which reduce uncertainty, help decide how much it is sensible to spend and how to look after their capital until it’s ready to be spent.

Most people who come to us for Spending & Investment Plans usually want advice on how to get best use from their retirement capital.
Can we retire early? How much can we afford to spend? Can we give some money to the kids now? I’m sure we have enough to travel more, but I can’t convince her (or him)!
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Do you have enough money to last through retirement?

We help you to gain freedom to spend without fear of running out during retirement. Get a plan to balance spending and investment, so you can live a good life now, and in the future.
  • Spend too quickly and your money runs out.
  • Spend too slowly and you’ve lost the opportunity to use it
  • We suggest a sensible spending approach with an investment portfolio to match.

How to invest for spending in retirement

Spending planning

We start with reality checks to make sure your spending plans aren’t too optimistic or pessimistic. We then go into the detail to ensure your spending decisions match your capital and circumstances. Finally we devise an investment strategy to ensure your invested money is appropriately diversified until you’re ready to spend it.

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing enables investors to align their personal values with their money. We believe every investor should have the choice to invest sustainably. Our sustainable investing strategies balance our core investment philosophy with environmental and social responsibility objectives, along with sound governance.

Regular spending and investment reviews

Circumstances change over time so the Investment Plans are checked and adjusted regularly. Checking your figures annually will keep you in control. Most people have a time frame of decades and it’s impossible to plan spending or investments that far ahead. So it’s essential to review and adjust annually.
Investment team

Meet our investment experts

Our team of Anna-May, Kathryn and Glyn have over 70 years of experience in helping clients understand their investments. In target setting, choice of investments and deciding appropriate levels of investment risk.
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"From the great job that Glyn and his team are doing at educating us we are confident that our money is achieving a good balance between risk and return. We don’t feel the need to micromanage our money."

FW & KG, retired, Golden Bay

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