Saving for retirement

A little saving over a long time, or a lot of saving over a short time. Whether it's saving for retirement, a first home or saving for your children— we can advise you on a plan that works.

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Spend what is left after saving NOT save what is left after spending

Working out how much you need to save for your retirement seems difficult. How much will I need when I retire? How much do I need to save? And where do I put my savings? We help people crunch these numbers – and more importantly, get them started on the right track. 

The savings ‘trick’ is to ignore the Guidelines initially, start where you can afford, and increase a bit every year. You might not be able to afford $200 a week right now – but can you afford $20? It’s starting that’s important.
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We know it’s a juggle – spending money for today, saving for tomorrow, the mortgage, insurance.

What stops people from saving is that, although they know they need to save, they would also like to spend their money now. We can help you get the balance right. We’ll give you targets to aim at and investment advice to give you the best chance of achieving those targets without unnecessary risk.

How much will I need when I retire?

Savings Piggy Bank

KiwiSaver? Absolutely

You put in a bit, your employer puts in a bit and the government contributes – but it shouldn’t be your only retirement fund. Put the minimum into KiwiSaver to maximize the benefits but invest surplus outside of KiwiSaver to give yourself flexibility in choice of investment funds as well as potential access.
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When can I afford to retire?

Some jobs are so demanding it would be better to retire early so you need to allow for the gap between early retirement and 65. Other jobs are the other way around, they enable you to keep working longer, possibly part-time, so you might need to save less. So this should all form part of your planning. We can help you crunch the numbers.
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“Sorting out my finances for retirement was always on the “to do list” but kept being put into the too hard basket. I knew I should be doing something about it but I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do so myself and how did one go about choosing a financial advisor?? Family members who had dealt with Castle Trust encouraged me to set up an initial appointment to explore how they could help me to make sure that my retirement was not going to be a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere.

It was all so effortless and painless!! Everything from insurances, savings and wills were straightened out effortlessly. But the best thing as a result of working with Castle Trust is now having the assurance that I am going to be ok in my retirement.” 

AB, Motueka


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