Where should you invest?

Solid and diversified investments to meet your planning timeframes

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Investing your money

There’s nothing complicated about the investment of retirement capital. The time for property, share portfolios or gold has gone. Retirement is not the time for chasing winners. It’s all about good, solid and diversified funds managed by highly reputable fund managers. Just like KiwiSaver but on a far wider scale.

"I didn’t have the confidence to invest independently. I needed someone with the knowledge and experience to advise and explain. Castle Trust has taken the worry out of investing. I like having someone local that I can call on any time and know that I’ll get help or questions answered straight away."

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Time matching

Diversify investment planning

Finding the right balance

The key to sensible investment is to divide up your money based on when you expect to spend it, then spread and store it in the type of investment most suited to your spending timetable. Short term spending money and long term spending money are invested differently. Growth investments are expected to rise in value over the long term but in the short term their value will fluctuate.
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Investing according to your spending timeframe

Having got a spending plan that seems reasonable we need to split your capital into short term and long term spending money and invest it accordingly. And keep some in reserve of course and some for the big holiday you’re planning. We’ll help you choose from a wide range of diverse managed funds – just like KiwiSaver but on a far bigger scale.
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The way to reduce risk is to spread your money between different types of investments.

Diversifying doesn’t mean lots of term deposits with different banks. Diversifying means different types of investments, in different countries, in different industries, in different currencies, etc.

Diversifying means literally thousands of different investments across a whole range of categories each of which are exposed to differing risks to minimise the chances of too much of your capital being affected by any one risk.

Choice of funds

We use low cost, widely diversified investment funds, just like KiwiSaver but without the KiwiSaver restrictions. Your investments are not locked in – you can access them whenever you need. 

You will receive comprehensive regular performance, valuation and tax reporting, with access to view your portfolio online at any time.

Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing enables investors to align their personal values with their money. We believe every investor should have the choice to invest sustainably. 

Our sustainable investing strategies balance our core investment philosophy with environmental and social responsibility objectives, along with sound governance.

Regular withdrawals

Many people find it easy to have regular fortnightly or monthly payments coming from their investments into their everyday bank account. 

Periodically, you might choose to withdraw a chunk of your funds – to top up the travel fund, to give to children or charity.

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