Your Mortgage Journey

As mortgage brokers, we’re here to help you every step of the way on your home buying journey.

1. Contact us

Book your free initial meeting here or give us a call on 03 544 1428 to have a chat. 

2. Mortgage Consultaion

We will collect some basic information and then discuss your options and provide you with information about applying for a mortgage.

3. Online Fact Find

Complete our online fact find so we can get more in-depth information about you and carry out a full mortgage assessment.

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4. Mortgage Application

Complete our online fact find so we can get more in-depth information about you and carry out a full mortgage assessment.

5. Mortgage Preapproval

Once we have preapproval, you can start searching for your new home with advice on how to make an offer and what clauses to include.

6. Protect your Mortgage

Meet with our Financial Adviser to discuss mortgage protection insurance - it’s crucial you protect your earnings so you can pay your mortgage.

7. Talk to the Professionals

Appoint other professionals - lawyer, building inspector, accountant (if necessary) and get a quote for house and contents insurance.

8. Complete Final Approval Conditions

When you have found a suitable property and your conditions have been met, we will seek unconditional approval from the bank.

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9. Finance Confirmation

We will confirm with your lawyer that all finance conditions have been met.

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10. Discuss Loan Structure and Rates

We will discuss ways to structure your loan and provide advice around repayments, interest rates and terms.

11. Signing Loan Documents

Your lawyer will review your contract and the banks offer, then contact you to arrange to sign your loan documents.

12. Settlement

Once all the above is complete, your property settles, and you obtain ownership. Congratulations!!

13. Check In

If you have used your KiwiSaver for your first home, it is great time to check in with your Financial Adviser again to review your retirement savings.

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14. Review

Every time you need to review your interest rates, we can negotiate rates with the bank and advise you accordingly.


Richmond office: 278 Queen Street, Next to the Library
Phone: 03 544 1428
Motueka office: 217 High Street, Opposite Elevations
Phone: 03 528 4184
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