KiwiSaver is an important part of all New Zealander’s retirement plans
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Choosing the KiwiSaver fund that’s right for you

It might be easier to choose the most convenient scheme (your bank or a default scheme) and a middle of the road fund. However, long term, it will make a significant difference to achieving your retirement goals (or first home purchase) if you’re in the right fund. We’ll help you choose a fund that matches your needs and helps achieve your long term goal.

We can help you choose low-cost, widely diversified funds that give you flexibility to invest in the types of funds that will achieve your goals. We also offer a range of sustainable funds.

Why should I have a Kiwisaver plan?

No matter what happens in the world, having a plan is crucial. It makes it easier to sleep at night when there are fluctuations in your KiwiSaver balance. The goal is to have confidence that you're progressing towards your objectives.
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Is KiwiSaver worth it?

KiwiSaver is absolutely worth it. You put in a bit, your employer puts in a bit and the government contributes – but it shouldn’t be your only retirement fund. Put the minimum into KiwiSaver to maximize the benefits but invest surplus outside of KiwiSaver to give yourself flexibility in choice of investment funds as well as potential access.

“We've never had a financial advisor before so finding someone to trust to have our interests at heart is important especially when thinking about the future. Anna-May has been professional, supportive and friendly in our dealings with our financial future. I would highly recommend Castle Trust and their team for advice on all your financial endeavours.”

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How does KiwiSaver work?

• Your automatic contributions
• Employer contributions – normally 3% on top of your pay
• Government contributions (up to $521 every year!)
• Investment returns from all the contributions being invested for you by your KiwiSaver provider
• Any additional money you choose to put in. You can make voluntary contributions – lump sums or regular automatic payments – at any time, either directly to your KiwiSaver provider or through Inland Revenue.
3%? 6%? More? It can be hard to know what’s right for you – and sometimes it’s different amounts at different stages in your life. Make sure you contribute at least $1042 per year in order to get the government incentive. For some people this means topping up their funds with a regular direct debit, or an annual chunk. We check our clients KiwiSaver funds towards the end of the KiwiSaver tax year to make sure they’ve put in enough.

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Your better financial future starts with a conversation with one of our financial experts. We offer 30 minutes free consultations to help give you peace of mind that we can help you where you need it most.
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