Financial planning seminars for your workplace

We help local businesses empower their staff to make informed financial decisions, and increase their knowledge about mortgage, insurance and saving for the future, including information on KiwiSaver.
Financial literacy talks about saving, mortgages and insurance

Why should you support your staff to improve their financial literacy?

Incorporating wellbeing strategies, including financial wellbeing, is becoming a standard practice in businesses. When employees experience peace of mind concerning their financial security, it directly translates to enhanced workplace efficiency and productivity. Research has found that employees spend on average 13 hours per month worrying about money matters at work. Additionally, by providing assistance in this area, you can expect to see better talent retention and increased levels of employee engagement, fostering a more positive and committed work environment.
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Presentations at your workplace

We run a series of presentations at your workplace – either during a lunch break or straight after work. We can deliver expert presentations on a suite of topics: mortgages, savings, insurance safety net, preparing for retirement, savings for kids, and saving for a first home. Best of all, the sessions are free of cost and jargon!

Let’s discuss how this could look for your team.

It is worthwhile considering when is the best time to hold these sessions – our past experience has shown if it is a ‘working lunch’ there is much better uptake.

Other ways employers can help their staff

Health insurance for the team

Health insurance was voted the #1 most wanted work perk in a 2019 SEEK survey. Subsidised or fully funded health insurance helps attract and retain staff. Additionally, faster access to treatment reduces the loss of productivity and absenteeism cause by illness.

We can price up this sought after employee benefit.

Get in touch and let us help you make your staff’s financial future brighter
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Your better financial future starts here

Your better financial future starts with a conversation with one of our financial experts. We offer 30 minutes free consultations to help give you peace of mind that we can help you where you need it most.
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