Financial Wellbeing is More than Just a Pay Cheque

In a recent survey, a Motueka business discovered that many of its staff were struggling to understand the ins and outs of KiwiSaver. The workers also reported that retirement planning wasn’t on their radar.

Helping staff get ahead financially

As employers, the management at Genia is aware that its commitment to its staff doesn’t end when they walk out of the door each afternoon. This is why the Motueka-based timber production company invited its employees to attend a tailored financial literacy workshop.

Expert Financial Advisers providing free workplace seminars

Facilitated by Motueka’s Castle Trust Financial Planning, the workshop gave Genia’s employees the chance to discuss their finances and express their hopes, concerns and ambitions. Any money-related issue was up for discussion, including mortgages, pensions and savings (or lack thereof). One strong theme was a lack of understanding around Kiwisaver, as well as the need for retirement planning.

Castle Trust’s Financial Advisers Anna-May Martin & Glyn Lewis-Jones were thrilled to have the opportunity to explain the facts around Kiwisaver contributions – employee, employer and government, and how each of these affects the others.

They also discussed the importance of being in the right fund, based on your age and stage of life, and Glyn demystified the scenarios in which people were able to access this money. The workshop provided food for thought, and hopefully positive action, said Anna-May, who commended Genia on having the foresight to offer such a service to its workers.“An employer cannot truly support their employees if they don’t know what help they really need,” she said. “It is so important to listen to your workers.”

Castle Trust welcomes other local businesses to reach out about financial seminars and workshops for their employees too. “The financial support you can offer goes beyond a pay cheque,” she advises. “Part of giving someone an economic boost is providing them with the education to lay strong foundations for their financial wellbeing.”

To see how Castle Trust can help your employees on their road to financial wellbeing, contact the team today at our offices in Richmond and Motueka.


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