Mortgage advice

Whether you’re buying a new home or wanting to re-fix your current loan, our mortgage brokers can give you advice to suit your circumstances.   

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Mortgage advice that works with your budget

Whether it’s a new mortgage, renegotiating an existing mortgage, or any form of long term credit, interest rates vary. Our mortgage brokers offer online or in person mortgage advice to help you find the best structure to suit your circumstances.

We have offices in Richmond and Motueka and the benefit of technology makes it easy to help clients outside of the Nelson Tasman region.

We offer a full range of mortgage broker services:

Trading up, down or relocating
Refinancing existing mortgages
Loans for renovations, cars or holidays
Business loans
Reverse mortgages
Debt consolidation

Buying a house is one of the largest purchases we make

Making sure you have the right home loan and repayments can literally save you thousands of dollars. Which means more money for spending today, or saving for tomorrow.

We take the effort out of shopping around and negotiating the best rate for your loan. Plus we can show you ways to pay off your mortgage much quicker and save thousands of $$$.
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Chevaun, Melanie, Stuart Mortgage experts

Meet our mortgage experts

Our mortgage team of Stuart Pope, Chevaun Marshall and Melanie Riley bring years of professional experience. We can review your existing mortgage structure and interest rates and then let you know if we can do any better for you.
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Fix, float or a bit of both?

Having a fixed interest rate gives you certainty – you know exactly how much you’re paying each month.

A floating rate allows you to pay off as much as you can without any penalties.

A combination of both fixed and floating may be the best solution for you.
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Get in the house, stay in the house

As well as your mortgage there are two insurance issues which will need checking: insurance on the property and insurance on the borrower (you!). Part of our holistic approach means we can help work out what happens financially if you can’t earn due to illness or death, how that affects your ability to pay the mortgage and then check your insurance levels.

"Could not recommend this company enough! We have had mortgage and financial planning advice and the incredible team has helped guide us every step of the way. Personable and top-notch service!"

ST, Self-employed, Richmond

Some of our mortgage partners, 
plus a range of other specialist lenders.


The mortgage journey starts here

Whether it's for a first home loan, a new mortgage, top up or an investment property, getting a mortgage is a process. 

We are here to make this go as smoothly as possible so you end up with the best mortgage to suit your own situation. 
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Your better financial future starts here

Your better financial future starts with a conversation with one of our financial experts. We offer 30 minutes free consultations to help give you peace of mind that we can help you where you need it most.
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Richmond office: 278 Queen Street, Next to the Library
Phone: 03 544 1428
Motueka office: 217 High Street, Opposite Elevations
Phone: 03 528 4184
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