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We understand that managing your finances, insurances and mortgage can be challenging, and that’s why we regularly share our knowledge to help get your started on your financial planning journey.
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Imagine… Life Without a Mortgage

This article was first published in December 2019 Is this the year that you get a plan in place to be mortgage-free faster? Then this read is for you. First of all, keep this in...

Getting Ready to Renovate?

Some extra space, a long-awaited interior update, indoor-outdoor flow, a pre-sale spruce-up – whatever your renovation plans, we wish you an on-time and on-budget project and a great result. Without detracting from the benefits of...

Getting ‘First Home Loan’ Ready

If you’re tired of home ownership sitting in the too-hard basket and want this to be the year that you get your plans underway, this read is for you. Read on for five key components...

COVID-19 and mortgages

Mortgage Holidays There is a six-month mortgage holiday scheme offered for people who have had their income affected as a result of COVID-19. This is for residential mortgages. Mortgage repayment deferrals mean you will not...

COVID-19 and investments

Covid-19 is obviously a health issue but it has economic and investment consequences too. The disruption caused to the global economic system in an attempt to fight the spread of the pandemic has affected financial...

COVID-19 and personal insurance

At the time of writing, there are no blanket exclusions for COVID-19 or any other pandemic in life, trauma or income protection policies in the insurance companies we use. Any claim arising from COVID-19 would...

What are the BIG insurance mistakes?

When you take out a life, health or income insurance policy, you’re counting on it being there for you when you need it. But mistakes can mean you don’t have the cover you expect. Here...

Claiming on your insurance

Insurance is one of the few things in life that you hope you will never really have to use. But every year, thousands of New Zealanders do call on insurers when they hit a crisis,...

Like a big fat trout

Throughout history, people have been sucked into investments offering higher rates. “You rose like a big fat trout”. That’s what Glyn’s father used to say when he teased me into reacting to one of his...

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