We're here to help you get your finances organised. Decisions about insurance, savings, mortgages and investment are easier and your money goes further if you have a plan!

Working 20-65

Achieve your financial targets

​We offer financial plans that are personal, holistic and adjusted as circumstances change.

We’ll give you specific targets to help you get your finances organised and plan for the future.

So, yes, we do give insurance, savings, mortgage and investment advice but by having a Plan, we make your decisions easier and your money go further.



Live the dream - but make sure your money doesn't run out!

Kathryn, Glyn, Anna-May, Stuart, & Melanie

We're the team at Castle Trust. We take the approach "treat your clients like family and you can't go wrong."

Sketch for JS and DL

JS and DL

It’s easy to bumble along feeling intimidated by finances. But now I feel more confident, I think about what options I might have and ask questions to make sure I understand how everything works.

Sketch for BC and KC

BC and KC

Getting our insurance and savings sorted was one of those things that I had just keep putting off as it seemed too hard.  But then I realised that the longer I put it off the harder and more expensive it would get.

Sketch for FW and KG

FW and KG

From the great job that Glyn and his team are doing at educating us we are confident that our money is achieving a good balance between risk and return. We don’t feel the need to micromanage our money.

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