What is trauma insurance?

The financial consequences of cancer, stroke or heart attack can be devastating. That's why you need trauma insurance.
Trauma insurance is also known as Critical Illness insurance.
Illustration of trauma insurance with heart attack

Who needs trauma insurance?

Suffering from a serious illness disrupts the family and the household’s ability to work. Trauma insurance is designed to protect you and your family from the financial impact of illness. It provides a lump sum payment and covers 40+ medical events, conditions and surgical procedures including many types of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Most people use trauma recovery insurance to:

Pay for their spouse or family member to take time off work, so they can provide support and care at home.
Cover additional expenses such as childcare and travel to medical appointments.
Aid recovery by treating themselves to something that makes them happy, such as going on a family holiday.
Pay for additional or alternative treatments that may not be covered by the New Zealand health system or health insurance.
Reduce debt such as mortgage or credit card payments.
Take time off work to rest and recover – often choosing to work reduced hours.

How much trauma insurance do you need?

You can have as much or as little trauma insurance as you like. Working out the right amount for your circumstances will depend on household income and expenses and the combination of other insurance you have. Trauma insurance is not dependent on earnings or hours worked, so it can provide cover for all members of your family. 

We take a collaborative approach when it comes to determining insurance. We bring our years of experience guiding clients through the insurance journey, as well as seeing the impact that insurance has at claim time. However, at the end of the day, the decision is entirely in your hands.
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Meet our insurance experts

Anna-May, Kathryn, Melanie and Glyn have been providing personal insurance advice for many years. Choosing policy types, insurance companies and levels of cover. Adjusting policies as circumstances change and of course helping with claims.
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Frequently asked questions

Health insurance will pay for your medical care (e.g. surgery, hospitalisation). However, it doesn’t help with the financial impact of a critical illness.
You can spend the money however you like. It can help to cover the cost of taking time off work to recover, or pay for another family member to take time off work to support you. Additionally, it can be used for supplementary treatments or specialized medication. It can also be used to pay for childcare or home renovations for wheel chair access.
This insurance pays out a lump sum if you're diagnosed with a particular illness, injury or need a medical procedure. These are all listed on the policy. You can spend the money however you like. If you’re after insurance that specifically covers medical bills and hospital costs, then you should look at medical or health insurance.

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