How much can you spend?

Feel confident about using your capital while also ensuring it lasts your lifetime.

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Do you have enough money to last through retirement? 

We help you gain freedom to spend without fear of running out during retirement. Get a plan to balance spending and investment, so you can live a good life now, and in the future.

Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired, we can make spending decisions easier by showing how different decisions might affect your retirement finances. 

Help with making decisions about:

Whether you can afford to retire early, or would be better to keep working part-time in retirement.
Whether to keep an investment property or sell and live on the capital.
How much you can spend on travel whilst you're still young enough and fit enough to enjoy it.
Helping the kids financially with an 'early inheritance'.
Gifting to charity whilst you're able to see the impact of your donation.
Whether you need to keep money back in case you need to move into a resthome in future.


It’s natural to want certainty but, unfortunately, there aren’t any certainties in everyday life or in financial planning. Base your planning on what usually happens, build in safety margins, test it out on our computer and rely on commonsense to judge whether the outcome looks reasonable.
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Forward planning

We can give you some ‘average’ spending figures from retirees all around the country so you can compare these with your own cost of living estimates. We’ll then feed these into our computer modelling software together with estimates of life expectancy, inflation, investment returns and of course your retirement capital. See what can be adjusted in order to get the reasonable outcome that we’re looking for.
Investment team

Meet our investment experts

Our team of Anna-May, Kathryn and Glyn have over 70 years of experience in helping clients understand their investments. In target setting, choice of investments and deciding appropriate levels of investment risk.
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“There are actually people that worry about money because they have quite a bit. I was one of those. I needed to change that, but it was only when I met Glyn that I now know that there is a very pleasant way of dealing with finances, with budgeting and not worry about spending money. Personally, I now have a knowledgeable person encouraging me to enjoy spending a bit more than I was used to, knowing there is plenty and I am not going to run out.” 

ED, Retired, Richmond

Your better financial future starts here

Your better financial future starts with a conversation with one of our financial experts. We offer 30 minutes free consultations to help give you peace of mind that we can help you where you need it most.
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