What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a way to avoid public waiting lists, and access medical care when you need it.

We can help guide you on the right health insurance for your family with offices in Richmond and Motueka helping clients throughout the Nelson Tasman region and New Zealand wide. 
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Why health insurance is worth it

In New Zealand, the public health system provides Kiwis with the benefit of free or low-cost treatment at public hospitals. However, the health system faces its share of challenges due to high demand and the increasing cost of healthcare.
If you need non-urgent treatment, you might be put on a waiting list. How long you wait may depend on the severity of your condition.
If your condition is not accident-related, treatment costs won’t be covered by ACC.
Your control over the timing and location of treatment may be limited.
Costs for drugs not funded by PHARMAC are up to you to pay.

That’s where private health insurance comes in

You have the choice of private treatment and surgery without relying on the public health system.
You can choose who you see and when and where you are treated.
Faster treatment means you get back on your feet faster – either for work or play.
You can choose to have health insurance that also covers non-PHARMAC cancer treatment.

How does health insurance work?

Private health insurance helps protect you from the unexpected. It’s an alternative to public, government funded healthcare and may offer a broader range of treatment options.

New Zealand has a great public healthcare system, with wonderful doctors and hospitals. It does a great job for Kiwis who need urgent treatment. The reality is that most treatment is not considered urgent, and often requires long periods on a waiting list (or for a condition to be considered severe enough to get a place on the waiting list!). Private health insurance funds quick access to, and a choice of, treatment in the private medical sector meaning you can get the best care without having to wait for the public system.

Health insurance is different from income protection or trauma insurance in that it pays for your medical costs. It is important to understand the difference. 
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Find the right cover for your needs

There are two main types of health insurance:
This includes cover for both large medical costs as well as day-to-day healthcare needs like dentist, GP or physio visits up to certain limits. These can be expensive and most of the small costs can be paid for out of income.
Cover for the big things like surgery or cancer treatment, outpatient health costs like seeing a specialist or surgeon, and diagnostic investigations. This is where we see value in health insurance. These are costs that have a significant impact on your finances if you choose to go privately.

Getting health insurance in place for children is a great option. The younger you are when you take out health insurance, the less likely you are to have health conditions that will result in exclusions. As one client pointed out, the cost of having health insurance on the children was less than she was paying for her pet insurance!

Health insurance is complex and shouldn’t just be judged on premiums alone. Let us eliminate the complexities. We are your local experts in health insurance - not only do we understand the policy details, we have decades of experience in getting claims processed smoothly.

Meet our insurance experts

Anna-May, Kathryn, Melanie and Glyn have been providing personal insurance advice for many years. Choosing policy types, insurance companies and levels of cover. Adjusting policies as circumstances change and of course helping with claims.
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"Anna-May, Kathryn and Mel did such an amazing job helping us out with finding the right cover we should have. Their communication was excellent throughout the whole process and they were just overall lovely, helpful and patient. Thank you so much."

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