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Buying a house is one of the largest purchases we make – and often it comes with a big financial commitment in the form of a mortgage.

Making sure you have the right home loan and repayments can literally save you thousands of dollars. Which means more money for spending today, or saving for tomorrow.

We take the effort out of shopping around and negotiating the best rate for your loan. Plus we can show you ways to pay off your mortgage much quicker and save thousands of $$$.

We offer online or in person mortgage advice to help you find the best structure to suit your circumstances.

Fix, float or a bit of both?

Having a fixed interest rate gives you certainty – you know exactly how much you’re paying each month.

A floating rate allows you to pay off as much as you can without any penalties.

A combination of both fixed and floating may be the best solution for you.

Have you got the best deal?

We can review your existing mortgage structure and interest rates and then let you know if we can do any better for you

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Expert Mortgage Advice

Stuart Pope is our specialist Mortgage Adviser. Stuart has 20 years experience as a mortgage broker based in Nelson, and has both personal and professional experience building up property investment portfolios including residential and commercial properties.


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