The financial future of almost all our clients would have been better if they’d got themselves organized earlier. So, instead of asking for testimonials, we ask clients why they delayed and what they think about things now that they’re sorted. Here are some of the replies.

Sketch for FW and KG

FW and KG

From the great job that Glyn and his team are doing at educating us we are confident that our money is achieving a good balance between risk and return. We don’t feel the need to micromanage our money.

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Sorting out my finances for retirement was always on the “to do list” but kept being put into the too hard basket. I knew I should be doing something about it but I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do so myself and how did one go about choosing a financial advisor??  Family members who had dealt with Castle Trust encouraged me to set up an initial appointment to explore how they could help me to make sure that my retirement was not going to be a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere.

It was all so effortless and painless!! Everything from insurances, savings and wills were straightened out effortlessly. But the best thing as a result of working with Castle Trust is now having the assurance that I am going to be ok in my retirement.

My advice?  Get advice young; make a start young; have these discussions with your kids when they earn their first pocket money and as they approach their working lives. By starting early you give yourself the security of a solid retirement and the flexibility of how to make your money work for you.

Sketch for JP and JT

JP and JT

Glyns advice has made a tremendous difference to the enjoyment of our retirement. For a start he helped us to realise that we could both retire earlier than 65 years. Then he helped us figure out how much we can safely spend out of interest and capital each year for  travel and fun experiences with our children and big expenditure items like new cars. we feel really comfortable now knowing that everything is appropriately invested and under control.

Sketch for JM


“I’m so pleased that a friend recommended Castle Trust.  Glyn and the team have been amazing. They have helped plan a financial path through inheritance issues,  matrimonial separation and asset protection for myself and the children. Now that I require surgery I am also very glad to have private medical cover.   Being proactive in long term planning has given peace of mind at minimal cost. The pragmatic professionalism of the Castle Trust team, combined with their genuine, friendly  personal interest and realistic foresight is backed by efficient office support and is a rare find in today’s world of large impersonal corporatisation.”

Sketch for EH and RB

EH and RB

R & I were motivated to get our finances sorted out due to older family & friends who wished they had made arrangements earlier in life to save them financial stress later. Whether that was for a happy retirement fund or a plan in place incase we were to lose one another and still have a family or home to pay for, we both didn’t like the idea of not having a stable plan in place. As the household administrator for both of our businesses it takes so much pressure off my shoulders dealing with the Castle Trust team as they make it easy for my busy mind to get my head around what we need and where we are at. I would encourage any of my friends or family to come and meet with you because of how stress free you have made the process for us and how easy & personable you are to contact if we do have questions.

Sketch for KB


I really appreciate the time Glyn spent with me helping me to decide what insurances I really needed to provide for my family during my lifetime, beyond work and beyond my life. I felt well informed and the decision was easy with lots of choices to suit my budget. The people in the office made everything else easy too. Thanks team.

Sketch for PG and GB

PG and GB

“As a couple we had slightly different views about insurance and investment.  We both wanted some risk protection for the family but without a common position we took no action.  Castle Trust help clarify the options and we found a package we both agreed with. Now the policies are in place and we have peace of mind.  “

Sketch for DA and LA

DA and LA

We thought we knew it all, careful budgeters putting a little something away for a rainy day.

When our mortgage reduced we reduced our life insurance, we had it as a safety net for when the children were young just in case something happened to us.

When we paid our mortgage off we cancelled our life insurance , can you imagine the savings overseas holiday here we come.
So what did we do wrong, we didn’t take into account getting older and having potential of illnesses that wouldn’t let us be able to work , injuries were covered by ACC but illness when you are a married couple and the other partner is working can leave you high and dry.

When we eventually got financial advice and tried to get some life insurance and income protection insurance no one would insure us because of our medical histories ,lets face it at late 50’s early sixties there were some issues going on.

If we had of sort financial advice at the time when we paid off mortgage we would have been in a much better financial position now
Evan when you think that you are doing the right thing, you’re not the expert, get expert advice, it will pay off in the long run.

Sketch for RB and CB

RB and CB

When you are younger life insurance is not top of the agenda.  There are more interesting things to spend your money on and you assume you will always be able to get cover.  I now know that your health can change as you go through life and that can make it difficult if not impossible to get cover later on.

I have discovered that if you already have life cover, you can often get additional life cover under the same policy in circumstances where it would otherwise be impossible or very expensive.  I would say get whatever you can afford now.

When you see an advisor you are often presented with a long list of things to do, which can seem daunting and expensive.  There is then a tendency to do none of them. I would say do something on that list, whatever that is, rather than do nothing.  Review your position once a year.

Don’t leave spare cash in your bank account.  You will spend it. Tie it up somewhere it’s hard to get at.  When you are young you have the luxury of time. You may think the amounts you can afford to invest each month aren’t worth bothering with, but small investments grow big over time.  Invest something, no matter how small. You will be pleased you did.

I organised health insurance for the family when there was not much wrong with anyone.  Since then I have had cancer and whilst I would have been looked after in the public system, the whole process has been much more pleasant in the private system.  I dread to think what it would cost to get health insurance now, but I am still paying the same premium I was beforehand. It’s a relief to know that when anyone needs some medical care the cost is covered.  Don’t take your health for granted.

Sketch for TB and IH

TB and IH

The first thing that comes to mind regarding your help was when I saw your website with you speaking.  Everything matched what I needed to get sorted.

My favourite saying is “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

So you need to find someone that can ask you the right questions to whether or not you have your affairs in order.

I was looking at the time because of Ian having the older children, us having the business which was new and the only asset was the house.

The best advice you sorted for us was the life insurance and not over insuring ourselves.

As we haven’t needed to use any policies on the insurance side then it has just been a piece of mind that you have done all the extra thinking for us to make sure everything is covered.

The investment has just been ticking away with no return but our goal was the new property to pay off.

I like using you as you do all the thinking , you ask all the questions which we don’t know to ask or think of for ourselves.

The yearly review keeps everything fresh and relevant to the now.

A lot of people sort things every 5-10 years so can fall behind it remembering what they have so then they feel out of control and put it in the too hard basket or the one day job.  This is the trap people should never get in so you fit perfectly here for everyone.

Sketch for JS and DL

JS and DL

Before I talked to Castle Trust about my finances, I felt really insecure. I felt like I had enough money to get by, but not enough to save or to buy a home. I certainly didn’t think I had enough to get insurance. I kept my finances quite separate from my partner’s.

When we went to talk to Glyn, he pulled it all together to show us we were earning a lot more money together than we thought. If we pooled our resources we could afford to pay off a mortgage, as well as set up insurances that meant our lives would not fall apart if I couldn’t work for a period of time. We bought a home and got married!

It’s easy to bumble along feeling intimidated by finances. But now I feel more confident, I think about what options I might have and ask questions to make sure I understand how everything works.

Sketch for BC and KC

BC and KC

Getting our insurance and savings sorted was one of those things that I had just keep putting off as it seemed too hard.  But then I realised that the longer I put it off the harder and more expensive it would be.

Glyn, Kathryn & Mel make it easy and explain it in terms that everyone can understand.

Sketch for SE and JE

SE and JE

The ongoing advice on insurance and investment we have had from the Castle Trust Team has been fabulous. They are always super friendly,  knowledgeable, objective & relevant and I believe that they have our needs as the client at the forefront of their thinking and not what’s in it for them.  Like us, I am sure many of their clients are now friends. Having peace of mind knowing that if anything unexpected was to happen to either of us as business owners and parents,  knowing we won’t have to worry about the added financial stress at what would be an already difficult time is beyond reassuring. Glyn, Kathryn and Mel would step in and deal with the relevant agencies to ensure that all obligations were fulfilled again making things as hassle free as possible.

Sketch for WE and ME

WE and ME

For my wife and myself it was primarily about getting older and needing to ensure we were doing our best to look after ourselves and our family. This encompassed responsibilities that included protecting and providing for a growing adolescent, servicing a mortgage and ensuring we had a good home environment. With this in mind, we wanted our insurance and investments to work as efficiently as possible to future proof our security and opportunities as this related to our specific situation.

Sketch for JH


– We took action as we wanted to ensure our kids/SO would be okay if something happened to either or both of us. I couldn’t bear the thought of them having to lose both of us and then for them to face a difficult situation where other members of our family had to stretch their finances to make things work. It breaks my heart to think about what it would be like for them to lose their parents, and then face years of not having the same privileges we would have wanted to give them, such as adventures, holidays, treats, wedding money etc.

– A small amount each month ensures our kids would receive the best and fastest treatment if something where to happen. I couldn’t imagine how terrible it would be playing the waiting game. Peace of mind to ensure they have cover, plus you are setting them up for no exclusions later.

– I was aware of level premiums, and wanted to take advantage of this – but needed good advice.

Its cliche and something that you expect to see on a financial website – but knowing that we have a good insurance net in place really does give us peach of mind. Its far better than the alternative.

The more you do now, the easier it will be later – and the earlier you start the less it needs to be. I only wish I had started our financial planning earlier.

Sketch for JH


I thought I had more than adequate insurance cover, but when I moved to Castle Trust they gave it a full make over and moulded it more to my needs making sure all scenarios were covered. Giving me more security long term .

I was always going to sort out a savings plan for retirement , but one of those one day I must do projects! Glyn and Kathryn enabled me to see sooner was definately better and no longer keep putting it off. They have helped me formulate a plan that is comfortable within my budget.  Always excellent professional personal advice.

Sketch for CH


My mind is at ease knowing the team at Castle Trust have mine and my family’s best interest at heart, with their wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Sketch for FH


If I had started saving for retirement years ago, I could have considered retiring at 65.  I started late, so now I will be closer to 75!

Sketch for RD


My need to set up my investments for the future came after a serious change to my life. I had a house and 2 beautiful children but no real positive action to the future financially. Pretty much thought that I would make moves in that direction after the confusion and chaos of building a house had relented a bit so that the finances could be sorted. However we got beset by tragedy when my eldest child landed in hospital and was diagnosed with cancer. The next 12 months were even more chaotic and time was crucial for being there for those important days. Finances and mortgages were forgotten in that time as life was at stake. Even though the banks were understanding and as kind as they could be, the house was sold before it would swamp us with debt.

My eldest didn’t make it and we moved to Motueka in order to rebuild and raise our other child. It was start from scratch and I still had a little nest egg which, though not securing a financial future for myself, could at least be able to provide  my remaining child with a start to theirs. Got referred to Glyn through a workmate who recommended Castle Trust. Knowing now that these funds are tucked away with them and are there for the long term, my need to see them grow has been taken from me, and Castle Trust have done a good job to inform me of the status of those investments.  I am well informed as to how they are performing in the ever changing environment of finance. Knowing it’s for the long term and will wax and wane but continue to grow through the shrewdness of Glyn’s experience, I am left with no anguish and am comfortable it’s all in his hands. I enjoy the fact that I don’t really even need to think about it and lose sleep. Leave the grey hairs to them as they’re doing all that for you!

Sketch for ED


There are actually people that worry about money because they have quite a bit.  I was one of those. I needed to change that, but it was only when I met Glyn that I now know that there is a very pleasant way of dealing with finances, with budgeting and not worry about spending money.  Personally I now have a knowledgeable person encouraging me to enjoy spending a bit more than I was used to, knowing there is plenty and I am not going to run out.

Sketch for DG


I’ve always taken action in my life – that’s what life is for – you only get one chance at it. Early on I made sure I had adequate life insurance, and once I had some capital to invest, with Glyn and Kathryn’s help I chose pie investments, spreading the risk. I always have some money sitting in the cash account, for that unexpected bill or emergency fund. The rest is available with a months notice – but earning a better rate of interest. No point having it sitting in the bank not making anything!

Sketch for VH


# the money you have is at risk of dodgy book keepers, accountants. A friend has recently lost all her money because of her book keeper having access to her funds. Another friend was persuaded to invest in a pyramid scheme that blew out and she couldn’t get the money back so lost it.

# If its in the bank its accessible and then it’s gone.

#there is virtually no interest earned from banking once it is taxed and bank fees are paid.

#investing our money has meant understanding what happens to it, how it earns interest, how long it will last and what we can afford to do each year.

#the worry of money and how we can manage it for the rest of our lives has been taken care of by castle trust.

#we can’t get the money out unless we apply for it to the fund and that makes us think seriously about what we want it for.

Sketch for LM


I didn’t have the confidence to invest independently. I needed someone with the knowledge and experience to advise and explain.

Castle Trust has taken the worry out of investing. I like having someone local that I can call on any time and know that I’ll get help or questions answered straight away.

Sketch for JR


“When I sold my yacht I had money in the bank and had to do something about it – to get it working for me. I was told about Castle Trust by a friend so I called in to see them. They answered my questions, spread my money around and I pop in to see them whenever I have any questions and to check how things are going. Problem solved”

Sketch for BM and SG

BM and SG

In our late twenties we bought our first home, had our first child and started the process of succession planning with our parents and siblings. These three big investments added extra stress in terms of responsibilities and financial security.

Good health and the ability to work were the top priority in order to provide for our family. Thankfully the guidance we have received from Castle Trust means we no longer have to worry ‘what if…’ we have all bases covered- now and in the future.

Sketch for AA and JA

AA and JA

It was the arrival of the kids that triggered our interest in health and wealth insurance when there is just one or two of you both working you may buy health insurance (we didn’t) and whos going to throw good money at wealth insurance. Then overnight the responsibilities arrive, one of you is not working and the what-ifs start to build, of course, its never to late to get insurance but the price goes up and more conditions get added. We found that we needed insurance for the protection of income and repayment of debt as well as health insurance. In hindsight it certainly would have paid to get a good health insurance policy when we were younger.

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