How many holidays can you afford?

Capital is built up during your working life to live on in retirement. Most of it goes on everyday living but what about holidays?

Having a big holiday when you first retire is quite common – but extra holidays are often ruled out because of cost. Yet most retirees die with more money than they had when they first retired. They could have afforded more holidays but no-one told them.

Holiday options decline with age

As a general rule most people are fit enough for longer holidays up until their mid 70’s. But there comes a time for all of us when easier, shorter holidays become more suitable. The sooner you start planning the use of your retirement capital the more holiday options you have.

Upgrade your ticket to improve your holiday experience

It isn’t the cost of upgrading that’s important it’s the value you get from making your holiday more enjoyable. If you’ve done your financial planning properly you’ll know whether you can afford the upgrade. However much we try to make our clients spend their retirement capital no-one ever manages to spend it all. The money that’s left when you die could have paid for Business Class travel many times over …… and encouraged you to have more holidays.

Spending & Investment Plans

We produce individual Spending & Investment Plans for our clients – to help them decide how to split their money between everyday living and discretionary spending such as holidays. We input details of their spending and capital and then use computer software to try different spending patterns to give them a good idea of what level of spending is reasonable.


If you want to know how much of your retirement money you can afford to spend on holidays then why not take advantage of our offer of a free Preliminary Appointment either in our Richmond or Motueka offices or by video. Book online or give us a call.

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