Financial advice for women, by women

As International Women’s Day comes around, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the role of female financial advisers providing financial advice specifically tailored for women.

Women’s unique financial situations

Women face unique financial challenges throughout their lives, such as the gender pay gap, longer life expectancies, and career interruptions due to family responsibilities. Advisors who understand these challenges can better help women navigate their financial journeys, offering targeted strategies and solutions.

Women are also often the Chief Finance Officer in their household and are taking charge of their family’s financial future. One of the significant benefits of seeking financial advice from women is the potential to build confidence and knowledge. Research indicates that women may feel more comfortable discussing financial matters with female advisors, fostering open and supportive communication. This comfort level can lead to increased financial literacy, empowering women to make informed decisions about their money, investments, and long-term financial goals.

Professional financial advice from other women

Anna-May Martin, Financial Adviser at Castle Trust, agreed that their clients frequently commented on how reassuring it was to be able to deal with other women to get their professional advice.

She said that as four of their six qualified staff were women, they were able to offer a broad understanding of their clients’ different goals and challenges – whether it’s investing for the future, getting a mortgage or protecting the family income.

“No matter who you are, getting personalised financial help can make all the difference between stress and security, both right now and many decades into your future.”

Whether it’s about insurance to protect your income and loved ones, or saving for retirement and investing your KiwiSaver, women can and should access professional financial advice. Having a professional adviser you can relate to as you enter retirement and the ‘spending and investment years‘ is also crucial. It puts women in the drivers seat and will improve their financial situation.

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