Insurance – helping you across life’s tightrope

May 20, 2021

Insurance. It’s the lottery ticket that you buy, hoping your numbers never come up. An “imagine if!” scenario, discussed in a very different tone to the one you use when you’re fantasising about winning Powerball.

No matter which scenario, if the numbers align and you’ve got your ticket, you are afforded choices.

Life traverses a tightrope, and insurance is a safety net – one that can sit high or sling low. A Financial Adviser will be able to discuss your family’s specific needs – what you can afford in premiums, and what you cannot afford to live without, if your tightrope should wobble.

Melanie Riley, the insurance claims specialist at Motueka’s Castle Trust Financial Planning, says that using their insurance advisory services is free and comes with the benefit of working with someone who has already read the fine print and knows the quirks in terminology.

Importantly, they’re there to advocate in your corner when you need to be focussing on more important issues.

“When you’re at the point of needing to make a claim, you may not be in the right headspace to deal with those things,” says Melanie.
“We’re here to make the claims process as simple as possible, so that our customers can concentrate on treatment and just getting better.”

They’ve had a surge in claims in the last year – the biggest number several times’ over since Castle Trust began 12 years ago. The Castle Trust team works with many different insurance companies, but what those firms have in common is that they have good quality policies and, crucially in the moments when you need them most, they pay out.

A Motueka local recently emailed them after a heart attack claim saying, “I firmly believe we wouldn’t have where we are and have the choices we do without you advising and guiding us”.

Mel says about that insurance lottery ticket: “We hope all of our clients eventually lock back and say “that insurance was a waste of money” – because it means they haven’t had to claim! But for the ones that do, we’ve seen how much of a difference it makes to their lives, their health and their family.


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