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Claiming on your insurance

Insurance is one of the few things in life that you hope you will never really have to use. But every year, thousands of New Zealanders do call on insurers when they ...
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Good advice is expensive

Bad advice is really expensive
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Like a big fat trout

With interest rates stuck at record low levels it’s not difficult to be sucked into investments offering higher rates. “You rose like a big fat trout”. That’s what Glyn's father used to ...
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Insurance through life

In NZ, insurance has a role to play in most stages of our lives. What we need when we’re young can be quite different to what’s required as we get older. Here’s ...
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sketch of a single man

Safe as money in the bank?

Did you know that banks play musical chairs with 1 chair and 12 players? They lend out approximately 12 times the amount of money that they have in shareholder investments. Banks play ...
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a sketch of a family

Getting paid for cancer

Everyone knows how life insurance works but do you know how trauma insurance works? Life insurance pays out if you die. But what happens if you get cancer and you don’t die? ...
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sketch of a middle age couple

Rich Widows

It's sad giving advice to rich widows. Year after year it goes on. Different client. Same story. They’ve retired, downsized, cashed up and have been sent to us for advice on how ...
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