In sickness and in health; for richer, for poorer

Feb 9, 2022

You might have a totally different attitude towards money than your partner does. After all, some of us are innate savers, and some are impulsive spenders.   Some people hate risk and will always opt for a sure thing with a lower yield, while others are more satisfied upping the stakes for bigger gains.  Some people wouldn’t think twice about lending or giving money to a friend in need, while others are more reluctant to see their hard-earned money leave their bank account without iron-clad assurances of how and when it will return.

Health and wealth conversations.  They’re uncomfortable and inherently unromantic, and yet getting on the same financial page as your partner can mitigate one of the main stress points in your relationship.

A qualified financial adviser has seen almost every situation before, and they know the realities and laws that govern your choices. They can help.

There aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers, but you will head off a lot of strife by understanding the money personalities that you and your partner bring to your relationship.  Regardless of your differences, there are fundamental issues that you need to agree on, such as how your combined money should be spent, saved, or invested. 

Sitting down with your partner to discuss ‘what if scenarios’ can also be emotionally wrenching, as you need to lay out plans for life’s worst-case scenarios. It can be challenging to broach these conversations, so think about getting professional and unsentimental third-party advice to guide you through them. 

“We can guide you through the main things that you need to think about, separately and together,” says Anna-May Martin of Motueka’s Castle Trust Financial Planning. “We will also make it really clear how your decisions will affect each other, both now and in the long term.”

These discussions are almost always easier and more productive when they are facilitated by an experienced third party, says Anna-May.  

“Our advisers have worked with hundreds of clients who are working through separations and other traumatic experiences, and we have the wealth of experience to help you navigate them.” When it comes to money don’t let your heart rule your head – get your finances sorted for 2022 and the future.

– Elise Vollweiler

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