Get to know Anna-May Martin

Dec 2, 2020

Castle Trust has been growing quickly over the past few months and we have just taken on a new team member. Below is a short questionnaire we did with her to better understand what makes her tick.

  1. What is your name?
    Anna-May Martin
  2. Where were you born?
    Ballymena, Co Antrim, N Ireland (very North East of Ireland, very near Bushmills Whiskey Distillery)
  3. What are your qualifications?
    I studied at University in Edinburgh achieving a BA (Hons) from the business faculty, I also have my UK Financial Planning Certificate.
  4. What is your role at Castle Trust Financial Planning?
    Business development and training to be an adviser
  5. What made you take the job with Castle Trust Financial Planning?
    I have been a client of Castle Trust since I immigrated to NZ over a decade ago and I’ve always  been very happy with the service, advice and professionalism of the team – throughout changing life circumstances they have always been proactive and helped me keep everything on track.  So when Glyn and Kathryn asked me would I like to join them, I said yes – who wouldn’t want to be part of it?  I knew it was the right time to re-ignite my career in finance and be part of their business expansion.
  6. Tell us about what you will do for clients?
    Along with the team I will help our clients get their finances organised.  I’ve seen first-hand how a healthy relationship between your money and your priorities can make an impact on your life. Finding the right financial professional to help you manage your money in a healthy and impactful way is crucial. Building an awareness of your values and priorities and a willingness to use money as a tool to advance them – that’s what really opens the doors to a whole world of possibility and that is where we can help.
  7. Apart from finance what do you like to do?
    I enjoy designing houses inside and out, I have completed a few in my time and I am sure I will do more in the future.
  8. Family?
    I’m a proud Mum of Niamh (9 years old).
  9. If people want to speak with you in regards to their savings what’s the best way to contact you?
    Pop in or give me a call

Anna-May has joined Castle Trust as a BDM & Financial Planner

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